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[Gaya scienza, Nietzsche as a friend]

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Vrolijke wetenschap. Nietzsche als vriend
Dissertation Erasmus University Rotterdam
Promotion committee:
Supervisors: Prof. dr A.C. Zijderveld, Prof. dr J. de Mul
Other members: Prof. dr S. IJsseling, Prof. dr P.J.M. van Tongeren, Prof. dr A.M. Bevers
Prof. dr H.J. Achterhuis, Dr A. Hak
Baarn: Agora 1999
ISBN 90 391 0752 1
343 pp.


Friedrich Nietzsche was a classical philologist: the topic of his research was Antiquity. Starting from the limitations of this scientific reading practice he developed a critical stance against the too easy ways of interpreting in science. But his doubts about our understanding of old sources raises questions on the possibility of contact between people that are more closely related as well.

Thus, the modern and postmodern debate on truth can draw immediate inspiration from Nietzsche's definitions of friendship and love; of 'gods', men, women, and the successors as yet unknown which will finally interpret us to pieces. Nietzsche's passion and disappointments lead up to a many-sided self-image which gives reason to laugh uncontrollably about truth.

This engaged reading of Nietzsche finds a surprising and inspiring connection between criticism of science and contemporary troubadourship.

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