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Tony Hak and Niels Helsloot, eds., Michel Pêcheux. Automatic discourse analysis

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Introductions: Niels Helsloot and Tony Hak; Paul Henry; Françoise Gadet, Jacqueline Léon, Denise Maldidier and Michel Plon
Translation: David Macey
Amsterdam/Atlanta GA: Rodopi 1995
ISBN 90 5183 645 7
264 pp.


This volume offers the long-awaited overview of the work of the French philosopher and discourse analyst Michel Pêcheux, who was the leading figure in French discourse analysis until his death in 1983. The volume presents the first English publication of the work of Pêcheux and his coworkers on automatic discourse analysis. It is presented with extensive annotations and introductions, written by former colleagues such as Françoise Gadet, Paul Henry and Denise Maldidier.

Outside France, French discourse analysis is almost exclusively known as the form of philosophical discourse presented by such authors as Michel Foucault and Jacques Derrida. The contemporary empirical forms of French discourse analysis have not reached a wider public to the degree they deserve. Through its combination of original texts, annotations, and several introductory texts, this volume facilitates an evaluation of both results and weaknesses of French discourse analysis in general and of the work of Michel Pêcheux in particular.


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